Our team of software developers and data scientists understand the challenges of working with large geospatial data sets and how to architect maintainable solutions for collection, storage, analysis, and presentation.

Software & Data

Forcorp has significant expertise in application design, development, and deployment. Our team delivers solutions on mobile, desktop, and web platforms, providing users with the ability to interact with their spatial, attribute, and imagery data. Functionality can be an individual component or a complete enterprise solution, including data collection, process management, analytics, and reporting. Services include:

  • Undertake detailed business analysis to determine needs, opportunities, and risks.
  • Develop and deploy applications in a mobile, desktop, or web platform.
  • Host and provide ongoing application maintenance.

Forcorp has a particular focus on innovating within the geospatial technology field. We have an intimate understanding of the landscape of existing technologies and how to leverage them or expand upon them to develop web and mobile mapping applications. Our team understands how to store, manipulate, index, and display spatial data at scale. Services include:

  • Collect sanitized GPS data through custom mobile applications, like our Plots and Stream Crossings eLands modules.
  • Solve complex routing problems over massive road-network data sets.
  • Coordinate automated pipelines to ingest and analyze satellite and LiDAR data sets.
  • Develop web-based applications for displaying and editing spatial data within your browser.

Forcorp understands that it takes significant expertise to achieve long-term maintainability with managing data. We have an extensive history of developing high-quality systems that facilitate the collection, transformation, long-term storage, and extraction of industry-specific data. We embrace the uniqueness and history of each data set while deciding on the best structure and tools to manage it effectively. Our team has successfully worked with clients in various industries including natural resources, health care, and academic research. Our experience and expertise covers the major classes of data including spatial, attribute, and imagery, and often requires the integration of all three. Services include:

  • Assess, design, develop, and implement data storage systems.
  • Undertake data extraction, cleaning, transformation, and loading processes.
  • Host data and provide distribution tools and services.